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       September Minutes

October Minutes

Mac Arthur Barr Middle School

September 26, 2017

PTA Meeting Minutes

-Jennifer Kleber, Secretary



II.Carmella Clark/ Kathryn Purvis approved initial budget proposal

III.Principal’s Report (Mrs. Anne Chen)

5th grade family picnic was a success parent/student feedback was positive

families enjoyed having no ‘agenda’- a great time was had by just bringing dinner and playing. Mrs. Chen thought it was a great social time for all and would like to see it happen again in the future. Many thanks to PTA for providing the treats and water.

Teams leader meetings will take place Thursday (9/28) to make sure all programs and ideas presented to PTA are both meaningful and beneficial.
Mrs. Chen and team levels agree that overall, food is an issue; a lot of money is spent - and this is an important area to explore.
Recess programs needed (especially in winter months when students are antsy and need movement).  Mrs. Chen is meeting with the PE dept. to talk about Grants that could be explored vs. asking PTA for fundraising/money.              
Mrs. Chen loved the PTA brochure and thought it was a different approach vs. a flyer
Instagram account: - District is trying to move forward to communicate in new ways and how it’s linked from Facebook to Instagram and Webpage.  Communication is essential.

IV.Treasurer’s Report (Lee Ann Devine):
reported that the 2017-2018 PTA Barr MS budget is close to $10,000.
Spreadsheet was shared to display how the PTA funded programs/events/functions in 2016-2017.

V.President’s Report (Melissa Merrit)

Provided a program overview and introductions of the PTA for 2017-2018 school year
Need of money for clubs/staff/students/ etc.. at beginning of year.  This year is starting off with a nice budget of close to $10K.
Would like to add more to the budget proposal and is waiting for more ideas/programs to be added based on curriculum etc..
Explained: What does membership with PTA mean? A complete breakdown was given of

              Elementary Vs. MS- “Family” membership only occurs in Elementary

                    e.     Team APP was explained- Patty Di Sapio (Co- Vice President) will send a blast to members about meetings and programs etc..

             f.     Sunflower Picture Day make-up date and Grade 8 “2018” TBD- Sibling Day will not be taking   place this year

A patio and extended new lunchroom will be added next year to Barr
 Amogh Matthews’ Eagle Scout Project: He is looking for donations for picnic tables and umbrellas, etc.. and is working on a flyer to hand out
David’s Cookies orders forms – reminder due 10/2/17
Spirit Day: First Friday- Grade 5-8: Spirit Wear is in the process of being proofed and advertised. Sweatshirts given in JUNE (which cost close to $4000) will be changed to tee shirts and can be worn early on for Spirit Wear- the cost will be significantly less
Save the Dates: October 20th Halloween Howl (chair person still needed!) and                                                  Dec 1st Vendor Knight (6:30-9:30) in the new gym –Pocketbook Bingo- venue still needed for around 200 people Date: TBD teachers are encouraged to attend! 
Volunteers appreciated!! Thanks to all for helping at Meet the Teacher Night- and Picture Day.
PLEASE NOTE: For students riding on the Activity Bus afterschool: Tell the bus driver your address and he will direct you to the correct bus to ride.

VI.Carla Barros Co- Vice President

Grades 5-8 Incentive: Raising the Barr Fundraiser:

Weekly loose change collection in homerooms- stat: if each child brought $1 a week The PTA could raise $8000 per grade- with always the potential of more! 
Mrs. Chen will go over the logistics again with Team Leaders- 
Roseann Mercado gave us the TD Bank (36) bags with zippers that can be locked up each week- collected by Friday at 4pm. Sam Peterson went class to class to deliver bags and explain directions to all teachers- logistics about ‘collecting’ will be decided
A  ‘thermometer’ poster will be displayed in the main lobby to measure the amount collected

Thanks for attending this evening!


Mac Arthur Barr Middle School

October 26, 2017

PTA Meeting Minutes

-Jennifer Kleber, Secretary



II.TREASURER’S REPORT  $11, 225.48  as of Oct. 1st

III.PRINCIPALS’ REPORTS Anne Chen & Roger Guccione




Upcoming events:

Halloween Party for 7th grade
8th Grade Parade- Costume contest and parade through building


State Testing:

News from state the time will be cut from 3 days to 2 days
Check out the NYS website for changes to common core –
Nanuet is pushing for more authentic assessments vs. sitting through hours of testing


Check out postings – and through website if one is not connected to social media


If you aren’t getting email blasts from Mrs. Chen or Mr. Guccione contact Kathleen Maier at kmaier@nanuetsd.org

Feedback from 5/6thHalloween Howl:

Carmela Clarke and Dena Demersky worked very hard! Feedback was positive- it was flawlessly run with upbeat and positive leaders! Mrs. Chen/Mr. Guccione are very grateful for all the hard work and time devoted to this fun event! Over 229 kids paid to attend.

There were noticeable behavior problems- perhaps having more dads present or brainstorming more management control
Chaperone guidelines for future; i.e. what roll does a chaperone play when misbehavior takes place
Next year, perhaps 1.5 hours vs. 2 hours (cutting the sessions to 20 mins vs. 30 )

F.Recycling water bottles:

Make more $$? Hard to find people to collect/bring
Care Club is starting to collect bottles
Mr. Guccione said new recyclable containers were implemented on property


Loose Change:  

Thermometers in Lobby with progress and so far well received.                                          

First collection...$588.42
Second collection this week $94.50
Third collection: $162.50
Let’s keep getting the word out!

David’s Cookie Orders- HUGE  thanks to Missy Vanderplug for handing out the cookies for hours in the lobby!

Catalog Fundraiser: raised over $2,100 

Jets Game- November 26th at 1pm.  Tickets are $66.50 and you get a free winter hat.

High School Senior, Amogh Matthews is working on his Eagle Scout Project...he is looking for donations.

***SPIRIT WEAR***- New online vendor...BARRSPIRITWEAR.COM 

School Tool Boxes----PTA received a check for $412!!

Vendor Knight- Friday, December 1st at Barr from 6:30-9:30pm.  Vendor Applications being accepted!

Pocketbook BINGO- February 9th at Greek Church....larger venue- TBA!


THANK YOU for all of the Halloween Howl donations that rolled in and volunteers were a plenty.  Thank you to high school seniors for decorating.
THANK YOU to high school seniors that helped with the cookie dough pick up from 3-5:30pm.

K.      Future Fundraiser:

Woody’s BBQ – Melissa Merritt spoke with owner who seems very interested in contributing to the community

Next PTA meeting in November TBD:
Need to change date– a table would be beneficial to support PTA with members who have not yet joined

M.       Digital Backpack:

attempt for flyers to be digital and save trees
PTA thinks weekly reminders are a good plan such as the Nanuet Community Bulletin

N.    “Decades Project”

Mr. Guccione went over logistics

each grade had to highlight the culture/Dance/music/arts of a specific decade
Tie into theme of Kindness- square dancing a possibility again
Collen Miller- attending parent- recalled a project used from her teaching school district: respect for all- no gender barriers- learn about specific cultures- intercultural, promoting respect through Ball Room Dancing communicate through body language-
Colleen Miller offered to send what curriculum she has to Mr. Guccione for review

Thanks for attending this evening!